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The Civil Security Ghost is inroduced in Level 25 of Plazma Burst 2. They are a very powerful enemy and can be a real annoyance.


The Civil Security Ghost is similar to the Civil Security Lite except they're invisible. They are always invisible except in three instances: At the start of the game, when wounded, and when dead. Their suit is like the Lites', but it is black and they have green psi swords and green visors. Contrary to popular belief, they are not dead Lites' ghosts but they are instead called ghosts because of their invisible appearance. When hurt, they bleed an odd grayish substance.

Their (Possible) Story (Fan theory)Edit

Some Civil Security Lites volunteer to become "ghosts". They are fused to a black suit and maybe injected with a serum to make them invisible. Because of this, they have gray blood. Oddly, this transformation may have even muted them, as they only emit a death noise.

The other possibility to explain their invisibility capabilities, strange speech and gray blood is that they, like the Falkoks and Userpians, are aliens. But the species has allied with the CS [Civil Security] and SPF [Space Speciel Forces]


Ghost StrategyEdit

Civil Security Ghosts usually camp out and try to lure the enemy to them. They rarely go on the offensive unless necessary, mainly striking from above, behind or below. Don't psi sword them or they will slice you.

Ghosts hardly ever use weapons because it gives away their location.

Tips on Defeating ThemEdit

It is recommended to use the CS Bloom or an assault rifle. The CS BNG should only be used when you know for sure where one is and if he is not coming for you.

The cloaking device emits an odd noise that sounds like aluminum being crumpled up. This can give away their location.

When ghosts shoot, you can trace the bullets back to where they are standing. However, this instance hardly ever happens.