The Civil Security Heavy is life is big the Civil Security Heavy. He speed is small and jumps is small. Dis Security family: Civil Security Lite, Civil Security Heavy, Civil Security Ghosts, Civil Security Boss.


Heavies resemble Lites a bit, but they are a little bulkier and have fatter, larger, more protective helmets. They wear green and brown and have a yellow strap near their elbows. They can survive a hit
Headshot w minigun
from a railgun to the head but cannot survive multiple hits to the head. They run as slow as Falkoks. If you look carefully, you can see an antennae and a backpack.

Killing HeaviesEdit

If there is a group of heavies, kill them with heavy weapons such as the rocket launcher. If one stands alone, a simple rifle is enough to kill one. Remember: Aim for the head!

Heavies can killed by some shots of Ray Gun C-01y