The Falkoks appeared at the near-end of Plazma Burst 1. They are the first invading aliens, before the Usurpations. According to Noir Lime, they have weak armour on the legs/lower body. Because of their popularity, Eric Gurt added them as a character in multiplayer in Plazma Burst 2, but they can't use their jetpacks.


Falkok' armour is practically all red with a tad of black and gray. They normally carry
Falkok tan
Rocket Launchers and an upgraded Assault Rifle C-01r. They have helmets with antennae and a blue visor along with a mouth pad. Their legs are arched back a bit and they armour is fat but weak. Their armour is heavy so they run fairly slow.

Their is a tan version of them similiar to an Usurpation soldier. This Falkok cannot walk steadily so they rely on going horizontally with their jetpacks. This Falkok carries the Plazma Cannon. This Falkok has a lot of health but there is only three total, all in the last level. Fans call them the Elite Falkoks. It is recommended to take them down with the Rocket Launcher and Assault Rifle C-01r. If you are far away from the Falkok, throw grenades at it. If you are crazy enough to get near it, use the Electroshock.