Proxy and Noir Lime

Noir Lime is the Marine's teammate in PB1. In PB2, he is the last teammate encountered, due to the fact that he was sent into space, due to a wound at the end of PB1.. He is shot down by an Usurpation ship and conviently crashes in front of the Marine and Proxy.
Noir lime

He is one of the three protagonists.

About Noir LimeEdit

Noir Lime's origins are unknown, but one theory is that he probably was a bounty hunter or mercenary. He volunteered to stop the Falkonian race with the Marine.

Noir Lime and the Marine were set back in time to change the future. They met up outside of a human base and continued to a Falkok base. He was wounded by the Plazma Burst 1's boss and let the Marine escape. Shortly After, The Marine carried him into a Falkok Medic Ship, and sent him to space. Noir Lime continued his journey but was shot by an Falkok Ship and crashed. He was revived by the Marine and Proxy. They were able to continue the quest which was almost over and hopefully reach the time machine.

Noir mean black in French and and Lime is a shade of pale green-yellow which is most likely describing his armour.


Noir Lime owns the trademark Minigun C-02m. After he was revived, he gathered a Pistol and Drone Gun along with a Defibrillator. In the PB2 Multiplayer Map, Eric Gurt-level1_mp, he has a Pistol, Minigun C-02m, Rocket Launcher and Defibrillator.


Noir Lime's armour changes in between Games / Maps, getting more or less detailed or re-coloured.