Proxy's first appearance

Proxy is the female protagonist in Plazma Burst 2. She is quite talkative compared to the Marine and Asian. Her battlesuit comes in white and green. Also she is probaly the only female that can be played and to play without a mask. It is unknown why she is was at the Civil Security base.

About ProxyEdit

She shouts phrases like "Over here!", "Got one!" and "Up there!". Unlike other characters, she shouts "Help!", when she is dying. She can be described as a criminal and a protagonist. She infiltrates a Civil Security Base and finds a shotgun and is ready to fight to the death against the Civil Security and the Usurpation Forces. Proxy meets up with the Marine and they decide to help each other out, as they share a common enemy. . .
Proxy and Red

Two new allies

Plazma Burst 3Edit

Proxy will most likely be in Plazma Burst 3 because of the end of the Campaign level 41. It is possible Noir Lime, the Marine and Proxy will all be in Plazma Burst 3 but unknown when it will be released.