Together, the Marine, Proxy and Noir Lime are the three main protagonists. They are only all together in two levels, 40 and 41. Even then, they are not all together for the entire level.

The MarineEdit

The Marine is the main character throughout the entire Plazma Burst 2 series. He hardly talks so we know little about him. His uniform is unique among other characters'.
His name is also changable, in this case, he is Redslasher but he is commonly referred to as the Marine.

The Marine's personality also stays similiar throughout the entire story. His armor also stays the same, though it is changable.


Proxy is the female protagonist and only known female character in general. She is Asian in origin.
Compared to the Marine, she is quite talkative. Proxy's uniform is in green and white. Proxy is a crimina to the Civil Security, she could have escaped a detention cell or is just plain mischievious.

Though she is a girl and should be stereotypically soft, Proxy is quite deadly.

Proxy is probably going to be in Plazma Burst 3.

Noir LimeEdit

Noir Lime was sent with the Marine
to go back in time and alter the future from a gloomy slave era to a period of prosperation in mankind. Noir means black in French and Lime is a shade of green which refers to his armour.

In Plazma Burst 1, he talks a lot, giving speech like quotes. He also notices the weakness in the Falkok's armour.

His ship is shot down in Plazma Burst 2 and is revived by the Marine and Proxy.

Plazma Burst 3Edit

Hopefully, the three will continue their journey in Plazma Burst 3. Maybe even a fouth protagonist will be introduced.